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Ariel C. Williams is the Founder and Owner of Danzy Bird & Co. For the past four years, she’s partnered with small businesses and influencers to provide customized services to elevate their brands. Before naming her company, she flew under the radar as a freelance writer, blogger, and “idea machine”. It wasn’t until her grandmother died in 2014 that she got serious about her expertise and what she could offer other creative entrepreneurs. “In everything she did, my grandmother was a woman of excellence. After her death, I missed her deeply and wanted to honor her in some way. I used her excellence as a guide for how I wanted to do business and used her maiden name, Danzy, to name my company. This is how I’m paying homage to her and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Ariel has written for publications like For Harriet, My Coloures, Blogalicious, and Afrophire magazine to name a few. She, and/or her brands, have been featured in Essence, Black & Married With Kids, Afrobella, and many more. She’s often hired for her expertise in copywriting; social media, community, and campaign management; brainstorming and strategy.

In addition to managing clients and working on various cool projects, she oversees digital events, content creation, and social media for Blogalicious, the multi-cultural platform for bloggers and influencers of color.


A 2011 graduate of the University of Central Florida, Eryka Rollins has 5 years experience in Marketing/Advertising in entertainment, sports, engineering, and media. She found her passion in Digital Advertising while working with a Newspaper in Florida, where she was an Advertising Account Manager. Passionate about helping clients reach their goals for their companies she decided to continue in Account Management. Eryka has experience maintaining multiple accounts at high values.
Eryka considers herself an R&B and Hip Hop Music Addict, Museum Enthusiast, Part-Time Photographer, Ginger Ale Connoisseur, and the Chicken Wings and Mac’n’Cheese Expert.