Social Media Ambassador Team

CLIENT: Be Blogalicious

GOAL: Build a team of diverse, highly engaged social influencers and bloggers to attend, review, and capture the essence of the 2017 Blogalicious annual conference through social media, content creation and blog posts.

OUTCOME: 6 multicultural women played a large part in making the client’s official hashtags, #Blogalicious9 and #TribeUp, trend throughout the weekend on Twitter. This group collectively contributed quality photos, session announcements and recaps, live reviews of sponsor activations, video and standard social media updates, and blog content. Event coverage was spread across Twitter, Instagram (Stories and photos), Facebook (Lives and status updates), Snap Chat, and their blogs.

METHODS: Formulated application • Controlled application process & submissions • Selected ambassadors • Developed ambassador guidelines & 2017 program • Client & sponsor friendly social media program • Virtual trainings

Candidates across the country submitted an application to join SMAB9, the 2017 conference ambassador team. Of 38 applicants, we selected 6 medialites to cover the Blogalicious conference. Ambassadors were required to agree to our terms (that were approved by client) and attend virtual trainings prior to event day. Our communication methods were email, Google Hangout, Slack, and face-to-face once the conference began.



Meet the Social Media Ambassadors for Blogalicious 9

#Blogalicious9 Conference Case Study

Each ambassador was responsible for covering 2-3 conference sponsors. They were assigned to positively interact with those brand representatives, test their on-site activations, encourage Blogalicious attendees to interact with the sponsors via social media, and recap their experiences via photos, video, and/or tweets.

This approach was successful, as most of our client’s sponsors felt engaged and appreciated. Additionally, the ambassadors’ work led to the hashtags of Change the Cycle and Wells Fargo trending on Twitter.

We surveyed the ambassadors after the conference and are proud to report that they enjoyed working with our founder, Ariel Williams. Those findings, along with screen caps of the client’s and their sponsors trending hashtags, were reported to our client, who was satisfied.

We love this kind of challenge and would accept the opportunity to work with Blogalicious again. We are open to working with other conferences and large events as well.

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