Supporting creative businesses is why we’re in business. Here’s a short list of services we provide for entrepreneurs like you.

Copywriting  Social Media   Consulting Packages



  • Manuals/SOPs
  • Press Releases
  • Brand Voice Creation 
  • Missons, Goals & Core Values
  • Product Descriptions & Packaging 
  • Event Materials 
  • Quiz Questions 
  • Sentimental Letters & Cards 
  • Ghostwriting
  • Microcopy
  • Email Marketing 
  • Print Ads
  • Website Content 
  • Blog Posts 
  • Social Media Content 
  • Online Profiles & Bios

Social Media  

Social Media

These services are customizable to your needs. Just let us know what you’re looking for.

  • Social Media Integration 
  • Content Creation - Image & Text
  • Content Seeding 
  • Consulting & Strategy 
  • Targeted Tweets
  • Twitter Parties

Live Event Coverage

We’ve worked with reputable events and brands to provide live social media coverage. With targeted updates and promotion, we’ll help you expand your social media influence more than ever before. We’ll ensure that your audience – both on and offline – is engaged and excited to be connected with you.

Our coverage includes but is not limited to Facebook Live, Instagram Live, live tweeting, additional updates on Instagram and Facebook, blog posts or website content, and more. (It is also in our wheelhouse to help our clients trend on Twitter!)

This is a great service for conferences, seminars, workshops, 1-day summits, social events and media campaigns. 


Social Media Integration 

Learn how to get your brand or business online. You'll discover the best platforms for your business and how to use them to your advantage. You'll also learn how to create content that aligns your mission and audience. Spend time on the right apps connecting with the people you care about. 

Workflow Creation 

Establishing your daily routine as a new business owner is no longer scary! How can we help you? Easy. We assess where you are right now and develop a plan to help you achieve your goals. Get into the habit of checking your accounts, communicating with your team or audience, or organizing your online life with our easy checks and balances. 

Project Management 

For the creative with so many ideas and little time, we'd like to introduce our Project Management solution. In this consultation, your only job is to tell us one goal you want to accomplish in your brand or business within the next few months. As your Idea Coaches, we'll mind map the best possible solution to make your goal clear and attainable. 



Most of our services can be offered on a monthly basis. To get the most of our your experience, we require a 3 month minimum on these contracts. Here are some of our most popular packages.

Social Media Content

  • text and images
  • scheduling 
  • available for daily, 1-3x per week, bi-weekly, or monthly deliverables

Email Marketing 

  • newsletters (event invitations, product releases, exclusive offers, updates, etc.)
  • email management (write and edit replies)
  • email construction 
  • available for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliverables

Blog Content 

  • SEO & social media friendly blog content
  • source images
  • available for 1-3x per week, bi-weekly, or monthly deliverables 


Contains Social Media Content, Email Marketing & Blog Content