Who We Are

Communicating with your audience should be easy. But something about it is inconvenient.

If I could take a stab at it, I'd bet your schedule gets in the way. If you solely operate your business, that alone has you buried to your ears in tasks. You're overwhelmed and want to do a great job, but things. keep. coming. at. you. 

The kids, animals, spouse, nurturing friendships, and maintaining work relationships require your attention. So does satisfying your existing customers with exemplary service. 

As a business owner and service provider, I get it. And that is why Danzy Bird & Company was established -- to create and/or maintain the language of your business and present it to your audience through mixed forms of media. In a nutshell, we're writers who get it and want to share it with you.

Everything on your plate needs you. When it comes to writing copy (and strategizing your next move) let us come to your aid. Our writers and consultants are experienced professionals who know what its like to wear several hats while building or sustaining a project, brand, or business. 

Thankfully, we also know how to make your written statements shine and read the way they should -- easily. Let's get started.

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